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      I am absolutely blown away with the results following my treatment at La Belle with Christiane and her team. From the initial consultation, hygiene treatment, whitening and subsequent veneers it couldn’t have been a more positive experience. The team is professional, warm, and friendly. Every step of the way was explained with joint decisions made. The results have far outweighed my expectations and I am smiling with confidence again. I would highly recommend Christiane and her team to anyone who is considering cosmetic improvements, you will leave the surgery a new vibrant person! 

- Lisa Cockburn -

      I am absolutely delighted with the implant I received from LaBelle Court.


I would like to thank the entire team who looked after me so well and did a tremendous job. I am really happy with the end result, but in particular with the care and attention I received through the entire process. Well done everyone - thank you! 

- David Lawson -

      I believe that Harry, Paulina and the Dental Staff went the extra mile to take away any fears I may have had and made me feel comfortable in the treatment I was about to receive.


The treatment I undertook was implants. Harry explained the whole procedure from the beginning to end and also the length of the time it would take. He also made himself available if any problems occurred. Nothing was too much trouble.

Make no mistake, I hate dental treatment of any kind, so to undertake the implant procedure was frightening.  Harry and his staff reassured me.

- MW -

     The practice is very friendly, welcoming and modern.  I started with a normal NHS check-up which resulted in undergoing necessary extractions and then, privately, an implant denture. My biggest fear was pain. However, I was quickly put at ease by the confident, friendly, warm and caring attitude of the dentists. That resulted in me agreeing to and undergoing what I considered some major treatment with confidence.

Since having my new denture fitted, I am more confident and have been told I now have a big smile!

Everything we discussed happened as discussed with good care, time and plan in place. Everything was done after a thorough explanation of the procedures and discussion.

La Belle Court is very courteous, polite and professional, while still being warm, friendly and reassuring. Nothing is too much trouble- even to coming in on a day off due to

patient needs!

- Jean Clarke -

     I’ve always been embarrassed about my teeth and didn’t smile.  I had implants, crowns and bridges. My biggest fear was getting four ‘rotten’ teeth extracted.  It wasn’t the best experience, but probably not as bad as I feared. It took nine months of appointments, but there were breaks in between. This was explained to me at the start of treatment.

The staff took excellent care of me and reassured me at each visit.  I can now smile without embarrassment and can eat and drink without pain or having to avoid certain foods or hot drinks.

I can strongly recommend this clinic and have recommended it to friends two of which have now commenced treatment.

- Janice I -

     I didn’t want the indignity and embarrassment of coping with dentures, so implants were the answer for me. I had to have two roots extracted as my crumbled teeth had disintegrated.  Not an experience for the faint-hearted, but necessary. This was what worried me most, the extractions as the root was split into two halves.

Everything was explained slowly and in detail and well in advance. I felt confident that the dentist knew what he was doing at all times. The whole procedure from start to the finish took almost a year, but it has been well worth it.

My mouth has felt comfortable ever since and I can chew anything with ease. Everything has worked just how I hoped it would. Nothing was too much trouble and I felt very well supported throughout.

- Aileen C -

     The results far exceeded my expectations. The dentist cannot do it all. Listen carefully to the instructions.

I have done Teeth Whitening over a period of 3 weeks. The chemical nature of the treatment.

I am more confident to smile!

I felt completely supported throughout the treatment, the advice was clear, concise and

most helpful.

- Sally H -

       I have been a member of the practice since 2011. I have had a number of treatments since then. I have had two implants, some crowns and a telescopic denture.


During my time at the practice, I have always been impressed with the friendly atmosphere there and the welcome I get. Instead of dreading the experience I look forward to going.

- Alice S -


Before & Afters


Case 1


     All upper teeth were not suitable for any fixed solution and had to be extracted. 8 implants have been placed and patient was provided with 6 crowns and 2 bridges retained on those implants.

Case 2


Upper central incisors where failing and had to be removed. Patient decided to proceed with the treatment to obtain implant retained crowns.

Case 3


Upper central incisors where failing and had to be removed. Patient decided to proceed with the treatment to obtain implant retained crowns.

Case 4


Two implant crowns replacing upper central incisors due to root resorption and reoccurring infection.

Case 5


Upper arch makeover. Teeth were previously heavily filled and fillings stained. Patient was provided with few types of restorations: crowns and bridges.

Case 6


Upper arch makeover. Patient was referred to our clinic with failing upper right premolar. That was the main concern at that time, however patient was willing to improve the general stability and appearance of the upper arch. Many teeth had multiple fillings or crowns.  Apart from implant retained crown on the upper right premolar patient also received one bridge and 12 other crowns on upper and lower teeth.

Case 7


Patient received crowns on upper lateral and central incisors.

Case 8


Patient received crowns on upper canines, lateral and central incisors.

Case 9


Patient received crowns and bridges for smile makeover.

Case 10


All remaining upper teeth were removed and patient received 10 implants restored by single crowns and bridges.